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Supporting our Communities during Covid-19

In last week’s post we posted that our industry is “serving as a beacon of good behavior to our communities….”

Since we continue to witness the embodiment of our #aviationindustry commitment

2 great examples are of Pratt & Whitney donating food to 143,000+ households with Foodshare and assembled 25,000+ face shields for frontline workers with Raytheon Technologies. On United Nations #InternationalDayOfCharity,

The other is of Air Canada joint Voluntary COVID-19 Study of Arriving International Travellers with McMaster HealthLabs and Greater Toronto Airports Authority will be Conducting

A study will provide data to help determine if an airport-based COVID-19 surveillance program is feasible, whether self-collection of COVID-19 testing is effective, and to explore options regarding the 14-day quarantine for international travel.

This is designed to keep our community safe and allow us to learn how can our industry keep our communities safe and how can we leave along side this enigma of pandemics.

And we keep seeing more and more industry leaders supporting their communities around the world.

We are extremely proud to be a part of this great industry or better yet a great industry that even in these challenging and un-certain times is still keeping its communities safe and is stepping up where governments are not always supportive.

We wish us all better times and we are certain that we will prevail

"We are all in this Together"

Source: LinkedIn


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