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About Zooey

Zooey Aerospace is dedicated to the provision of Regional Aircraft Spares & Repairs for Operators, MRO’s and the Aerospace industry while aspiring and practicing the highest standards in the industry.
Zooey Aerospace goal is to support the Aviation industry and provide a complete package for our customers so they can focus on their core businesses.

Providing Regional Aircrafts Spares & Repairs with great Care

  • We practice high-level of formal & informal communication with our customers.

  • Our creative and out-of-the-box thinking enables us to offer exceptional solutions to almost any problem.

  • Our highly motivated team and partners are always eager to learn.

  • We believe that our added value lies in the following characteristics:

    • Service-oriented and enthusiastic to provide value to our customers.

    • Highly dedicated, we treat our Customers, our Vendors & our Partners businesses as our own.

    • A company with integrity.

    • Highly organized and methodical.

    • Excellence-oriented. (Excellence: “The constant desire for improvement and striving for total quality”)


General Information

  • Founded in 2004, Zooey is dedicated to the supply of aircraft Spares & Repairs support for Regional operators, MRO’s, and the aerospace industry all over the world.

  • We have a combined experience of 46 years, 16 years in aerospace and 30 years in support services, providing us with the know-how, the connections and a global customer base.

  • We at Zooey Aerospace can provide our services IAW ISO9001 and AS9120.



  • We do everything with great love for solving problems.

  • Enthusiasm to provide value to our customers.

  • We believe that listening enables us to provide the best solution to our customers.



  • We provide Spares & Repairs services to enable us to solve problems by providing most suitable products & services complemented by great value to our customers.



  • We provide the following services with great Care:

  • Parts Trading

    • Parts sales

    • Exchanges & Loans

    • Hard to Find Spares.

  • Purchasing Services (Including Sourcing, Negotiations, Terms & Conditions and order follow-up)

  • Repair Management:

    • Repair Management, including ship to shop, monitoring tear down, negotiating prices and shipping back repaired unit

    • Cost Reductions (Including approval of work and sourcing spares to save costs)

    • High-level repairs and BER units.

  • Customer Service Management

    • Customer Support from A-Z

    • Order follow-up

    • Logistics

    • Billing

  • Consignments and stock management.

  • Commercial Agreements with MRO’s and Service Providers

Unique Benefits

  • We simply love support and do it with great enthusiasm.

  • Years of experience in aviation and support at your service.

  • Focused on Customer Experience by adopting best practices to better support you.

  • Monitoring market trends and exploring new opportunities to improve our stock for your benefit.

  • Constant scanning of e-Commerce platforms (such as: ILS, PartsBase, OneMRO, StockMarket, AvSpares, fipart and more).

Our Mission

  • Zooey Aerospace is committed to constantly earning customer's trust and loyalty by supplying excellent & efficient Regional Spares & Repairs support and high-quality parts.

  • Support is our passion and enthusiasm; it is what we excel in since the early 1990’s and we will maintain and improve it in the years to come.

  • We are dedicated to support our customers and propelling them forward.

Our Vision

  • Keep the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and ethical standards in our daily routine.

  • Treat our Customers as if we are apart the business.

  • To supply an efficient and dynamic solutions to our Turbo Prop community

  • Sharing data & experience with our Turbo Prop community while building and enhancing our network of Turbo Prop Customers & Affiliates.



  • We are able to support our customers professionally and in real time through a wide affiliate network.

  • We keep a close relationship with manufacturers, OEMs, repair stations and airlines, enabling us to provide better solutions.

Integrity and Dedication

  • We at Zooey maintain the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and ethical standards in our daily routine.

  • Highly dedicated, we treat our Customers, Vendors & Partners businesses as our own.​

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