About Zooey

Back in 2006 a I met with Olivier Rouach from Bel-Air Express, and old time friend, who said: " I need someone like you" I got the call and rose to the challenge.
Throughout the years I have implemented my past experience, my beliefs and my enthusiasm into my work.
Zooey Aerospace is dedicated to the provision of aircraft spares support for Turbo Prop Operators, MRO’s and Aerospace industry throughout the world while aspiring and practicing the highest standards in the industry.
Zooey Aerospace goal is to support the Aviation industry and provide a complete package for our customers so they can focus on their core businesses.


Providing Turbo Props Spares Support & Services with great Care


  • We practice high-level formal and informal communication with our customers.

  • Our creative and out-of-the-box thinking enables us to offer exceptional solutions to almost any problem.

  • Our highly motivated team and partners are always eager to learn.

  • We believe that our added value lies in the following characteristics:

  • Service-oriented and enthusiastic to provide value to our customers.

  • Highly dedicated, we treat our Customers and our Vendors businesses like our own.

  • A company with integrity.

  • Highly organized and methodical.

  • Excellence-oriented. (Excellence: “The constant desire for improvement and striving for total quality”)


General Information

  • Founded in 2004, Zooey is dedicated to the supply of aircraft spares support for Turbo Prop operators, MRO’s, and the aerospace industry all over the world.

  • We have a combined experience of 45 years, 14 years in aerospace and 31 years in support services, providing us with the know-how, the connections and a global customer base.

  • We at Zooey Aerospace can provide our services IAW ISO9001 and AS9120.



  • We do everything with great passion for solving problems.

  • Enthusiasm to provide value to our customers.

  • Listening to enable us to provide best solution to our customers.


  • We solve problems by providing most suitable products & services complemented by great value to our customers.


  • We provide great Turbo Prop support, as follows:

  • Parts sales, loans and exchanges.

  • Repair management.

  • Purchasing services.

  • Cost reduction (high-level repairs and BER units).

  • 24/7 AOG services.

  • Hard to find parts.

  • Consignments and stock management.


  • Through a wide strategic affiliate network, we are able to support our customers professionally and in real time.

  • Headquarter in the center of Israel, with warehouses in Miami and London, and additional consolidation warehouses around the globe.

Unique Benefits

  • 45-years of experience in aviation and support at your service.

  • Focused on Customer Experience by adopting best practices to better support you.

  • Monitoring market trends and exploring new opportunities to improve our stock for your benefit.

  • Constant scanning of e-Commerce platforms (such as: ILS, PartsBase, OneMRO, StockMarket, Aeroxchange, ePlane and more).


  • We are able to support our customers professionally and in real time through a wide affiliate network.

  • We keep a close relationship with manufacturers, OEMs, repair stations and airlines, enabling us to provide better solutions.

Integrity and Dedication

  • We at Zooey maintain the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and ethical standards in our daily routine.

  • Highly dedicated, we treat our Customers and Vendors businesses as our own.

Our Mission

  • Zooey Aerospace is committed to constantly earning customer's trust and loyalty by supplying excellent & efficient Turbo Prop support and high-quality parts.

  • Support is our passion and enthusiasm; it is what we excel in since the early 1990’s and we will maintain and improve it in the years to come.

  • We are dedicated to support our customers and propelling them forward.

Our Vision

  • Keep the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and ethical standards in our daily routine.

  • Treat our Customers as if we are apart the business.

  • To supply an efficient and dynamic solutions to our Turbo Prop community

  • Sharing data & experience with our Turbo Prop community while building and enhancing our network of Turbo Prop Customers & Affiliates.