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                                                    PORTABLE - EASY TO USE - ECONOMICAL


                                                    The      FLIGHTMASTER®      heavy      duty hydraulic  cart  is  a  factory  and  flight 

                                                     line proven custom engineered fluid dispensing system  designed  in  collaboration 

                                                     with  The Boeing  Co.  for  servicing  engine  cowls  and thrust  reverser  systems. 

                                                     Using  the  aircraft specific hose end service coupler, it may be used on all

                                                     commercial and military aircraft. With  its  dual  action  pump,  it  can  be  used with 

                                                     or  without  access  to  shop  air.  Heavy duty   wheels   allow   for   easy   movement

                                                     around the shop or it can be transported by forklift   to   other   service   bays.   A 

                                                     smaller portable   2   gallon   cowl   pump   is   also available (see page 2).


Flight Line Tested - Full Service Support - Competitively Priced

•   Backed by a one year limited warranty

•   Support services provided by FluidTran technicians

•   Competitively priced




•  25 Ft Pressure Hose

•  Closed System Kit









·  Net Dry Weight                        120 lbs. (54.88 kg.)

·  Added Fluid Weight                 37 lbs. (16.30 kg.)

·  Approx. Ship Weight (Dry)       175 lbs. (79.38 kg)

·  Shipping Carton                       26 x 26 x 40

(66 x 66 x 106.7cm)



· Fluid Capacity                           5 U.S. Gal. (19 Liters)

· Operational Pressure                4,200 psi  (289.58 bar)

Max. pressure                5,000 psi  (344.74 bar)

· Output per Manual Stroke        0.15 Cubic In.

· Standard Hose Length              15  ft. (4.5 meters)

· Container Composition             Polyethylene, natural

· Dual Standard Filters                25 Micron SS  - Suction Side

10 Micron SS - Return Side





Flightmaster® Cowl-Thrust Reverse carts in use at Boeing’s 737 facility

Cowl-Thrust Reverse Service System.png
Cowl-Thrust Reverse carts in use at Boeing’s 737 facility.png

Cowl-Thrust Reverse carts in use at Boeing’s 737 facility

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