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                                                 PORTABLE - EASY TO USE - ECONOMICAL


                                                 The FLIGHTMASTER® Landing Gear Servicing Unit is a custom engineered fluid         

                                                 dispensing system designed in collaboration with Liebherr  Aerospace  to  service 

                                                  twin  chamber  landing  gear  struts (such  as  used  on  Embraer  170  and  190 

                                                  aircraft).  The  Electric model  was designed to service the landing gear systems on

                                                  any mid to long range commercial or military aircraft.













•   Translucent Container:  fluid levels easily visible

•  Durable:  easy  transport  and  uses  custom designed  and  precision  machined  parts  to  with- stand rugged abuse and extreme conditions.

•   Signage: Industry standard, color coded placards make fluid identification easy at a glance.

•   Compatibility: compatible seals, hoses and filters, matched to the fluid type to be dispensed.

•   Flexibility: can be customized to meet any aircraft landing gear system specifications.




·  Net Weight (dry)                         81 lbs. (36.74 kg.)

·  Shipping Weight (approx.)         100 lbs. (45.36 kg.)

·  Shipping Dimensions                 22 x 24 x 42 inches

(56 x 59 x 106.5 cm)





·  Fluid Capacity                 5 U.S. Gallons (18.9L)

·  Pressure Output:

Electric                     250 psi (17.24 Bar) Shop Air                   35 PSI (2.41 Bar)

·  Hose Length                    15 ft. standard (4.57 m)

·  Standard Filter                10 Micron

Electric service cart w high pressure finishing pump.png

Electric service cart 

w/ high pressure finishing pump

Shop Air service cart w high pressure finishing pump.png

Shop Air service cart
w/ high pressure finishing pump 

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