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FLIGHTMASTER® bowsers are custom designed to be out-of-the-box service ready for any aircraft.

•  The delivery hoses come equipped with a standard #6JIC Female hose end fitting but  can be equipped with any hose end fitting as requested by the end user at the time of purchase (e.g.: threaded, #4, etc.).

•   Using appropriate adapters, the end users can affix the required service couplers to the delivery hose.

•  If hose end requirements are not requested at the time of order, adapter fittings are available to mate the hose to the coupler or service tool.

•   FluidTran  currently  has  available  the  couplers  and tooling  shown  below  that  can  be  included with the

bowser either at the time of sale or as a separate purchase (contact Sales for price and lead times):





















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