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A Global War against Covid-19?

Today we commemorate Armistice Day which marks the day World War I ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918.

This year, like most things, Armistice Day will be a little different because of coronavirus which makes me wonder the reason Governments are not fighting Covid-19 pandemic Globally,

Unlike a World War I, not against each other but together, against the Virus!!

The Black Death in the middle of the 1300’s resulted in a death toll of up to 200 million people.

The Spanish Flu, in 1918, resulted in a death toll estimated up to 50 million.

SARS, Covid-19 predecessor, in the early 2000’s is claimed to have a death toll of 774 IAW Wikipedia [1]

Current death toll of Covid-19 is 1.27 Million people IAW GoogleNews [2], but unfortunately raising every day.

That alone should raise a Dark Red Flag and wake up those in charge, upscaling their mindset and giving up their Ego’s so we can better cope with this Global pandemic, before it becomes one of the deadliest ones..

Downscaling mindset to our Industry, due to un-reasonable restrictions that are not based on facts but mostly based on panic, we are faced with one of the greatest crisis our industry has ever known.

Even with concrete facts and numbers [3] governments are refusing to allow us to operate and are closing our gates.

This might have dire effect on our industry, if we are not already there.

ICAO [4] have formed COVID-19 aviation recovery task force, IATA [5] is publishing guidelines and there are additional examples of local War within our Industry.

If we want to save our industry, we must raise our voices and begin to lead a joint global war against Covid-19.

The War against Covid-19 and the Global Political helplessness, symbolically should begin today.

"We are all in this Together"


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