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Covid-19 Beacon of Behavior

Aviation is one of the most effected industries by Covid-19 pandemic

Throughout the crisis we have seen Airlines issue extraction convoy after the other, stopping operation when the risk was too high or when obligated and/or called for by governments restrictions and delivering goods to remote communities that needed us moreover in these challenging times

By doing so we were looking after our communities and keeping them safe

It is amazing to witness these last few weeks how Airlines and Aviation industry across the globe are taking all the necessary precautions to keep their communities safe so they can resume safe operations and keep serving our communities alongside this enigma of a pandemic

It should be obvious and yet it is not due to reckless behavior of some of our communities

IAW Aviation industry perception of its role within our communities, we are serving as a beacon of good behavior to our communities first and foremost and to the entire world secondly

It is clear that it will take time to bounce back to some form of normalcy and more time to resume the point we were at before this pandemic broke or better yet reach a higher & better point allowing us to better serve our communities

We are confident that Aviation will prevail and keep soaring as high as possible

Please allow us to take this platform as a great opportunity to urge everybody to act responsibly so we can beat this pandemic sooner rather than later

Be well and keep safe – If not for yourselves then for your elderly's, people at risk and for your children

We all have a personal and humane responsibility to be the beacon of our nuclear family, our extended family and our communities

"We are all in this Together"


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