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Customer Experience Vs. Sales - What do you think is more important?

A customer emailed us asking for a Propeller Blade.

I immediately called to inquire what are their needs so can refine & tailor the best solution.

Listening to my customer, it turned out they were looking for an outright price so can assess if the cost of repair they were provided with for their Blade is economical.

When you are faced with this kind of opportunity you might find yourself conflicting between customer experience and the option to sale.

I do not, I will always opt with customer experience

What “Runway” will you choose?

As you might imagine, I opted with customer experience and as soon as understood their repair price was the best option, advised them to proceed with repair approval.

We might have lost a potential deal but believe to have gained a satisfied & loyal customer.

By listening to and providing your customer with the best solution, you enhance their experience and by doing so the customer will most likely return to be supported by you.

Another composite of the overall experience is simply considering our customers business as if it were our own

Ultimately even we as customers are looking to be heard and to be provided with a best experience.

Best Customer Experience will enable you to gain much more than deals, it will bestow you long lasting relations.

For me Customer Experience always wins!!


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