• Erez "Terry" Barkaee

It's going to be OK

The Beauty of Aviation

Covid-19 pandemic has confronted us with many challenges.

The majority of us are now over a month under Lock-down and entire Fleets are parked.

The past week was ambivalent as some Airlines have become insolvent while other are slowly resuming flights, first being Regional Airlines.

It is sad to see some of our Friends & Colleagues out of work and we truly hope those Airlines will be able to resume operations.

At the same time we are able to see that very essence that makes Aviation so great.

Airlines are stepping up to the challenge, being in the forefront of the fight against the Corona Virus.

Some are assisting their citizens return home, some keeping supply lines open to support their communities, others are assisting EMS and Hospitals with emergency equipment and protective measurements and many other wonderful examples.

Covid-19 pandemic will most certainly change the way we will have to conduct ourselves in the future (Both near and far) , in ways we did not, and maybe could not, think are possible.

The challenges are great and we are looking forward to confronting them, head on.

Remote work, Lean Systems, more cooperation and creative management are some of the new "rules".

We would need to confront the new reality with no filters and be able to respond to the changing world, and I strongly believe that :"It's going to be OK "

I am honored of being part of Aviation amazing Family.

To all of my Friend, Colleagues and their Families I wish you lots of health

Keep Safe and be Healthy

Image by Jerry Zhang

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