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Keeping Safe at Home Office during Covid-19 Pandemic

We at Zooey Aerospace are keeping everybody safe, even at our home office

At the verge of the 2nd waive outbreak, we have re-introduced capsule work and working in shifts to keep us and our employees safe

These are challenging times when some Airlines are postponing their return to operation at high costs and IAW regulations, not knowing whats up ahead, in sole purpose of keeping our travelers, workers and community safe.

We hope to see more and more Airlines resumes operations and doing so as safely as possible.

We at Zooey Aerospace also took this pause as an opportunity to re-think & re-establish our processes and IAW it to re-design our Logo and Website.

We believe that this will enable us to endure these challenging times as well as providing us the ability to become better & stronger In the shadow of the pandemic.

We are still here to support you and would like to Thank our employees, colleagues, affiliates and vendors for their recruitment to keeping us working throughout these times.

An even greater Thank you to our customers for the opportunity to support them and more so for their understanding of the challenges and requirements to keep supporting them.

Only together can we overcome the challenges ahead of us and its a great privilege to be apart of the amazing Aviation industry.

Together we shall overcome and reach the skies

Wishing you all a great week with great news


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