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Light at the end of the Runway

2020 was indeed challenging and we have still a long way to go before we can truly beat this pandemic.

Now that the global immunization efforts have began we can, hopefully, see the light at the end of the runway.

If we are to have a fighting chance of beating this pandemic and soon, vaccination is the way.

We just hope that Pfiser, Moderna & AstraZeneca will be able supply the demand, which must improve around the world, so our industry can get back to operations and recover from this crisis sooner than predicted.

If vaccination rate will improve, it will enable local Aviation authorities along with IATA to issue secure measures such as A secure digital health passport for travelers having been vaccinated.

It is literally in our hands and we get beat it - Together

In the mean time until vaccination creates the much desired herd vaccination, we must all keep safe and follow these WDK rules:

Wear a mask

Distnace of 2 meters

Keep social distancing and restrict gathering to up to 10 people (If possible, less)


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