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Safety is in the Air

Today I was administered the 2nd Vaccination dose.

As you can see it made me happy and fulfilled me with optimism.

It is not that we are any close to ending this pandemic, but I simply follow one of my life motto's:

I am not looking for problems but rather for solutions

Its these times, when it seems we are in our lowest point that we find our strengths.

In this spirit, I found the last year challenging and used it to try and improve, find and

re-tune my strengths, think what can be done differently and prepare for the day after.

I wish all of my Friends, Colleagues, Partners, acquaintances and the entire Aviation family all the best and may we see better days and soon.

Until we can declare this pandemic over, please keep safe and be well by following these simple WDK rules:

Wear a Mask (Over your nose and mouth)

Distance of 2 meters (Even if you feel the urge to hug your friends)

Keep social distancing and restrict gatherings up to 10 people (If possible, less)

Looking forward to seeing you in any conference this year


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