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Zooey Aerospace is celebrating its 5th Re-Anniversary

Operated between 2006-2014, remaining in the Aviation industry,

and Re-Commenced Operation in 2016

Zooey is dedicated to the supply of Turbo Props spares & Repairs

The last 2 years have been challenging – Together we have prevailed

Thank you for the Opportunity & the Privilege to support you

Looking forward to excellent & sustainable years ahead

Thank you to all our Customers, Vendors, Colleagues & Friends

and the entire Aviation Industry

Please keep Zooey Aerospace in mind If you have any other Turbo Props Spares and Repairs requirements we can support you with.

Allow us to earn your trust


  • We do everything with great love for solving problems.

  • Enthusiasm to provide value to our customers.

  • Listening to enable us to provide best solution to our customers.


  • We solve problems by providing most suitable products & services complemented by great value to our customers.


  • We provide great Turbo Prop support, as follows:

Parts sales, loans and exchanges.

  • Repair management.

  • Purchasing services.

  • Cost reduction (high-level repairs and BER units).

  • 24/7 AOG services.

  • Hard to find parts.

  • Consignments and stock management.

Visit our website for more Information, Services & Support

We can also be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more

Contact us if you need more details or assistance

Spare with Care

Best Regards from Zooey,

Mob.: +972-52-3659206


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