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Zooey Covid-19 Important message

The impact of the #Covid-19 outbreak has been felt worldwide and continues to spread around the globe in an unprecedented manner. We at Zooey Aerospace have taken all necessary measures to protect our employees, their families and our communities. And at the same time ensure continued support to our customers with the highest levels of reliability.

These are very challenging times, never before experienced in this generation. This pandemic is challenging not only the way we conduct business, but also out the way we live our lives.

Notwithstanding its immediate economic impact, we must remain committed to the actions called upon us, and together we certainly flatten the curve.

To correspond with governmental restrictions and out of sheer responsibility, we have advised some of our staff to work from their newly setup Home Offices, while others crucial staff members will continue working on site, to ensure minimal impact on you.

Our top priority is ensuring our customers, employees and communities are safe as this develops.

Zooey Aerospace will remain open for business at this time. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take actions necessary to help keep our employees and customers safe.

May we all Keep Safe and Be Healthy Have a great weekend


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