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26 Jan 2022

Zooey is delighted and honored to announce we have signed a representation agreement with FluidTran to cover Europe and the Middle East

FluidTran has been a leading provider of custom designed flight line maintenance Equipment for over 17 years.

With FLIGHTMASTER® line of superior performing bowsers and accessory equipment deliver years  of  reliable  service  at  very  competitive prices.

We take  great  pride  in  our  superior  quality  and  customer care  while  providing  shorter  lead  times. 

We  work  with and  listen  to  our  customers,  aircraft  manufacturers  and aviation maintenance personnel to cooperatively develop effective solutions to flight line issues where safety and efficiency can be improved.


Creating fluid management solutions together....


.... just tell us what is needed and we will build it!

Contact us for more information and special offers:



Visit FluidTran at

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