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Aviation Community Inspiration in challenging times

Community can be defined in many ways, one of them being a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities.

In these challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic as well as increasing natural disasters due to global warming we are seeing our Aviation community rises to the occasion and saving communities.

We have seen in the past months extraction flights for communities stuck in remote places and being ferried back home to unite with families and loved ones.

Most recently we have even witnessed an inspiring cooperation between Air Tindi & Air Creebec working together for two days evacuating their Community of Fort Hope, due to a nearby forest fire.

It is these kind of acts and shared values that makes us so proud being apart of this great Aviation Family - At least that how we feel

Kindly share with us your Aviation Inspiring stories, Initiatives and Heroism

We encourage our Aviation Family to keep on stick together

Together we shall overcome anything and reach the skies

We are starting to see more skies opening and we wish all of our Aviation Family, customers, partners, affiliates, colleagues and Friends to keep safe and to see you back flying allowing more communities to unite

We must always remember to do so while keeping our passengers not just Covid-19 safe but also travel and healthy safe.

Keep Safe and be Healthy – You, your Family and your Community


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