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Holiday Greetings and 2021 Wishes

This has been a challenging year, mostly without our control

I wish us all a new year filled with new challenges, mostly within our control

Be well and keep safe

We send our sincere wishes to our aviation communities and pray that the vaccines will enable us to go back to as normal 2021 as possible.

In the beginning of December I issued a post with the header: "I’ve got a feeling 21 is going to be a good year" and the approved vaccines seem to be a good start to it.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with your nuclear family and keep safe so in 2021 we will be able to celebrate with our extended families.

Thank you for the Opportunity & the Privilege, even throughout this challenging year

Be well and keep safe for a better year

We are available for your support you 24/7 throughout the year as we will be throughout the upcoming Holiday season


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