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I’ve got a feeling 21 is going to be a good year

I was driving my car when I suddenly heard the song 1921 by The Who from the Album Tommy.

Hearing this line made me aware that the line in post header is somewhat befitting our global pandemic situation.

I believe it to be relevant in 2021 as well.

That is if the vaccine will be ready, as promised in Q1, and just as important if we have learnt something from this pandemic.

Be more Humble, be more Thankful and be more appreciative that we have managed Against all Odds.

If we are already quoting from songs than: “Cause we've shared the laughter and the pain

And even shared the tears”.

Coming back to real life, if we shared the joyful moments, challenges and hardships, it is appropriate that we now overcome the pandemic ramification together.

If the past few months have taught me something is that it is OK to be vulnerable and at the same time be calculated and plan ahead, taking the necessary steps to survive this Economic Tsunami and be prepared for the Day After.

Because this day will come, sooner or later, and if we do it together it will even improve our chances, collectively.

"We are all in this Together"

We are still all in some form of competition however IAW my belief collaborations, rather than segregation, is the smart and effective way of enhancing our competitive edge.

This pandemic has shown the strength of our Aviation Community and it should not be such only in times of crisis, but stick with us for the future to come enabling us to be better and stronger - Together.

Lets make 2021 a great year - Together


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