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Is There Anybody Out There?

Are you getting your phone calls answered?

Since the Pandemic broke into our lives, I find it challenging to reach Aviators by phone – Suppliers and Customers alike.

We are working from home, we are understaffed or have a large backlog or worse not answering the phone nor emails at all, are the leading feedbacks we get.

Was this common before the pandemic but now companies feel they have a good excuse?

To make matters worse, the war in Ukraine caused an astronomical rise in Shipment and commodities costs.

Usually but especially in cases of a price surge of this magnitude, customer support is a key factor to one’s success.

So, why is it that companies are neglecting this most important factor?

During the pandemic we learnt how to work remotely but did not maximize advantages of using Zoom & Phones for best service possible but rather switched to eMails.

eMails are fine as a 2nd or 3rd layer of communication but will never replace human interactions.

Just spoke with a customer of ours and shared with him our frustration over getting a very slow service from vendors, debilitating our response times and damaging our support level.

He immediately confirmed the dominating excuse: “People were working from Home”

Well, they are not anymore.

If the Aviation industry, being the leader it should be, so desired we could have solved it with the vast technological solutions out there.

I simply love human interaction and believe there is no substitute to it.

What do you think?


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