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Supporting our Communities on root to a Greener Aerospace

Airlines are pledging to reduce fuel emissions and its great but still a long way to go. while we commit to large scale projects, we must begin within our local communities.

Air Inuit gardening project within Nunavik tough area as well as Hevilift project to plant 80,000 trees to help do our part to combat carbon emission production are great examples to these local initiatives of Airlines supporting their communities.

We recently began a small community initiative within our community, collecting all deposit bottles for our 6th graders.

In the process we are aiming at teaching the kids to recycle and additional environment values, such as reducing purchase of plastic material and smarter economic behavior.

It is within our power to make a difference and our industry has been making, is making and will keep making a difference within our communities and around the globe.

We are all but a small community and the Aviation industry is making sure we are all connected.

I wish we will all be well and keep safe 😷


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