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  • Writer's pictureErez "Terry" Barkaee

What do you think about SFA13S Blades market Prices?

Since Covid-19 outbreak SFA13S & SFA13N Blades series prices have risen in an astronomic level, market has dried up to the point they are very hard to find and are still on high demand.

Making matters worse, our entire industry joined the “Party” and have risen prices turning us, especially Operators, to captive customers.

Is it logical for an OH Blade to cost about 90% of a New Blade?
I can understand the OEM objective, but do not agree with it – Do you?

In these days when we are faced with great challenges, if it is governments regulations, if Covid-19 outbreaks or getting back to operations, this king of challenge should not be added to the bucket list of challenges.

We hope market supply will meet demand with much more attractive prices and logical lead time and very soon.

Wishing all operators a great & safe return to the skies.


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