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When you wish upon a Part

Supporting a customer with a Hard-to-Find Part is almost un-describable, but it certainly feels joyous and fulfilling.

A while back an operator contacted us asking for Pneumatic Actuator PN D95A04-201 they had a requirement for and could not obtain from OEM nor from any other source.

Having the Pneumatic Actuator out for repair, we immediately contacted the Repair Shop to validate repair quote.

Repair Shop advised they found the cylinder had some corrosion around rod end and may require to refurbish.

When cylinder was sent for refurbishment, it had a major wear and was deemed un-repairable - Jeopardizing our ability to support customer.

Not deterred, we immediately commenced in sourcing a cylinder and/or an AR Pneumatic Actuator.

Not long after, we found an AR Pneumatic Actuator which was then dropped shipped to the Repair Shop.

Pneumatic Actuator was tested the cylinder was deemed to be usable.

As such, it was immediately sent it for refurbishment.

After refurbishment was completed, it was returned to the Repair Shop for it's immediate assembly on Pneumatic Actuator that was then tested and re-certified.

The unit was shipped to our operator customer and when arrived we sent a follow-up asking if Pneumatic Actuator was received and all is in conformity.

The customer then responded: “Looks like everything is good on our end! Part arrived safely and is currently on our shelf

I love it when a plan comes together

Another successful day at the office supporting yet another satisfied customer

We would like to Thank our customers for the Opportunity and the Privilege to support them.


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